Macaron No.004 - Zitrone

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sugar; Mandelmehl; Kuvertüre weiß (sugar; cocoa butter; Vollmilchpulver; Emulsifiers (Sojalecithin); natürlicher Vanille-Extrakt); Schlagsahne; egg white; 2,3% Zitronenschalenpaste (lemon peel; sugar; salt); 1,2% lemon juice; Colour (E100)

Notice for allergic person: Allergens according to the EU list

eggs and products thereofsoybeansmilknuts

may contain traces of sulphur dioxide and sulphites (E220 - E228) in concentrations of at least 10mg/kg or 10kg/l represented as SO₂

last change: 10th July 2023

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